Little India Shop Owners and Heritage Association (LISHA)
ROS Registration Number: T00SS0059H

The Little India Shop Owners and Heritage Association (LISHA) held its 5th Annual General Meeting on 28th of May 2023 at 10 AM in the Auditorium of SINDA located at 1, Beatty Road, Singapore 209943.

The following office bearers have been duly elected:

1. Mr Regunarth S/O Thyagarajan as the Chairman
2. Mr Munisamy Om Prakash as the First Vice Chairman
3. Ms Rajalakshmi as the Second Vice Chairman
4. Mr Ruthirapathy S/O Parthasarathy as the Hon Secretary
5. Mr Vairappa Thevar Ramamurthy as the Asst Hon Secretary
6. Mr Selvam S/O Varathappan as the Hon Treasurer
7. Mr Shaick Fakrudeen as the Asst Hon Treasurer

Eight (8) members were elected for the management committee and three (3) advisors were appointed.

A resolution was also passed yesterday to amend the society’s name with immediate effect: “Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association” will now be known as “Little India Shop Owners and Heritage Association”.

The society will retain its acronym ‘LISHA’.
We urge you to render the same support to our new management committee.

Abdul Raoof
General Manager